True 'Bruce Almighty' Sequel Being Written For Jim Carrey

The 2003 film Bruce Almighty was one of Jim Carrey's last bona-fide hits, and also a movie that went just about as literal as possible with the idea that Morgan Freeman is God. Bruce was big enough that spinning the story off into a semi-sequel, Evan Almighty, seemed like a good idea. Evan was a flop, and a massively expensive one, at that.

Now there is a direct sequel to Bruce Almighty in development; rather than mucking around with another character, this one seeks to put Jim Carrey front and center once more.

Variety says that Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel, credited alongside Nicholas Stoller on Yes Man and writers on the in-development Danny McBride film Bullies, will write the sequel. The idea is to follow Carrey's TV reporter once more, but we don't have any hard and fast story details. The plan, for both Universal and Jim Carrey's team, is probably just "come up with something that will make money."Tom Shadyac directed both Bruce and Evan Almighty, but after a 2007 concussion left him with lasting physical debilitation he

he has since dropped out of the Hollywood game, so gave away much of his fortune, opened a homeless shelter in Virginia and seemingly walked away from the Hollywood game to make a documentary about his spiritual awakening, called I Am. So it seems unlikely that he'll be back to direct this sequel.

Scott Zabielski