Kevin Smith Tweets 'Hit Somebody' Updates: Possible Start Date, Run Time And Premiere

As we know from the past, every once in a while, Kevin Smith bombards Twitter with a bunch of film related updates and Thursday morning he did it again. The last we heard about Smith's upcoming hockey film Hit Somebody, the filmmaker said he was going to split it into two movies and was finishing the script for the first film.

Smith revealed that he's put the kibosh on that idea and will now make Hit Somebody "one big movie" running about 150 minutes. He's in the middle of writing the second script, will then combine them and hopefully start shooting in June 2012 with an eye at premiering at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, which is just about one year from now. Read Smith's tweets and more after the jump.

All of this information came from Smith's Twitter feed, @ThatKevinSmith. Here are Smith's Tweets:

Via @pezwright "when do you start shooting Hit Somebody?" June, I'm thinking. Writing script two, but now gonna make one big movie instead.

That got the ball rolling. Someone then followed up:

Via @VideoETA "Any guess as to TRT of the big version of HIT SOMEBODY? 150 minutes?" Max, w/ credits. I'm more of an editor than director...

On why he decided to go back to one movie:

VIa @sonic43 "back to 1 big movie with Hit Somebody. I prefer it" Makes more sense, anyway: the movie's about taking one, good shot.

And, finally, back to the Twitter user who started it:

Via @pezwright "Damn, was looking forward to the two parter. I assume a 2013 release then?" Looking to debut at Sundance 2013. Minus Phelps.

Though it would have been awesome to see not one, but two, more Kevin Smith movies (remember, Smith has said Hit Somebody will be his last movie) it just feels right to go out on one, massive, epic film instead of a two-parter. Plus, ending it at Sundance, where it all began with Clerks, seems poetic.