Disney Moves Marvel Mystery Movie To April 4th 2014, Confirms 'The Avengers' Will Be Released In 3D

Walt Disney Pictures has announced that they are moving one of their scheduled 2014 films from June 27th 2014 to April 4th 2014, and has confirmed that Joss Whedon's The Avengers will be released in post-converted 3D. Details after the jump.

The comic property has still yet to be announced, but the move is very strange as the other 2014 Marvel film is scheduled only weeks later — May 16th 2014 — and it doesn't look like the mouse house is moving that one. So it looks like we'll be getting two new Marvel movies within six weeks of each other in April/May 2014. Could this possibly mean that the films are connected? A part one and part two of the same story? I would say that possibility is very unlikely, but you never know.

One of the films is likely the sequel to Captain America. The other film could be  the Doctor Strange film, the Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man movie, or maybe even the Runaways. Take a look at Marvel's complete film release line-up below:

  • May 4th 2012 – Joss Whedon's The Avengers (3D)
  • May 3rd 2013 – Shane Black's Iron Man 3
  • November 15th 2013 – Thor 2
  • April 4th 2014 – Untitled Marvel Movie #1
  • May 16th 2014 – Untitled Marvel Movie #2
  • As for The Avengers being released in 3D, we had expected this from day one. Remember, Whedon shot the tag scene for Thor to test working with 3D cameras. The filmmkaer decided against working with the stereo cameras on set as they added too much time to the schedule. It seems Disney and Marvel are going to ride the 3D train until it ever proves to be unprofitable. Thor and Captain America were both post converted. So I would expect every Marvel movie from this point to be, at very least, post converted.