David Fincher Isn't Interested In Shooting Part Of A Film In IMAX

Forget 3D. IMAX is the big industry buzz this season thanks to the great audience and critical response to the early IMAX rollout of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. A few filmmakers, notably Christopher Nolan and Michael Bay, have made tentpole films with sequences shot in IMAX, and J.J. Abrams is hinting that he might follow suit with his Star Trek sequel.

One big director that isn't likely to shoot a few isolated sequences in IMAX is David Fincher. No real surprise, as he is a filmmaker that is very dedicated to providing a detail-oriented view of the world. He doesn't seem like the sort of filmmaker that would want aspect ratio and resolution changes as a film went from 35mm to full-frame IMAX and back. When asked about shooting in IMAX that's exactly what he says; get his take below.

MTV asked Fincher about shooting in IMAX, and he expressed a general disinterest in anything that might

No. They're going to have the digital equivalent of IMAX very shortly. I don't like the idea of changing fidelity in the middle of a movie just to say, "Here comes some big sh–!" Whatever Brad Bird or Chris do is fine by me. I normally think in terms of homogenization. I want to be able to count on a kind of resolution and depth of field. I never saw "The Dark Knight" in IMAX. I could definitely see a difference in fidelity of the IMAX sequences. But to each his own.

I can't take any issue with that. IMAX sequences were a boon to Mission: Impossible and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (they were the only part of the latter that I liked) but would feel really out of place in any of the films Fincher has made so far. And while he could conceivably one day make something like a more conventional action movie, his particular methods don't strike me as IMAX-friendly.