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Header Photo: Today's t-shirt of the day on TeeFury is a 1980's -inspired design "Class of 1985".

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Premiered 45 Years Ago this week.Studio Seppuku will release "The Scorpion and the Frogs", a limited edition print inspired by Drive, today.The E-Advisor lists 10 Un-Merry Christmas Movies You Should Watch

If Attack The Block was an 8-bit video game.

TheFilmYap lists the top 10 tv seasons of 2011.TJ Miller's heckler gives her opinion of his filmography at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA.

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  • Icecream Deathbeam has submitted a t-shirt design to threadless which is a tribute to three great Christmas films: Die Hard, Gremlins and Jaws: The Revenge.

    Pajiba lists The 20 Highest Grossing Historical Fiction Movies of All Time

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    Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings

    A Star Wars-Inspired Religion is Gaining Popularity in the Czech Republic

    Coloring The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Fandango Names Santa Claus Conquers the Martians the Worst Christmas Movie of All Time

    Star Wars-inspired Holiday Greetings.EW lists 30 Classic Opening Movie ScenesMusic Video: "You, Me and Optimus Prime"A new website lets you create your own custom versions of classic movie studio logo videosCheck Out Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator Teaser Poster

    As expected, A Christmas Story Marathon Kicks Off On TBS This Christmas Eve

    Horrible Star Wars cosplay.

    Actor Dan Frazer has died at 90

    Watch Bruce Lee take on Arnold Schwarzenegger in stop motion.Why A Charlie Brown Christmas Almost Never Aired

    Steampunk-inspired Disney character reinventions.

    THR explains How Tom Cruise and Sean Penn Got Their Big BreaksStar Wars meets Garbage Pail Kids from Luis Diaz.Rejects lists 5 Promising Midseason Series

    Akiko Stehrenberger created a poster for The Illusionist.

    Elizabeth Taylor's National Velvet Script Sells for $170,500Star Wars and Burton Come to Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort with a New Snowboard Learning Experience

    HBO GO Coming to Time Warner Cable

    Robot Chicken mocks Alien

    Laika has created a cool animated Holiday Card.

    Stay Puft Snowman.

    MovieMoron lists the top 10 British films of 2011.

    Mash-up: Breaking Bad/The Simpsons

    Did You Know: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis and Robin Williams Almost Starred in Three Amigos?Check out the poster for DreamWorks Animation's Rise of the Guardians.TheWeek lists The Notebook and 5 other films bizarrely slated to become Broadway musicalsNightmare Before Christmas meets How The Grinch Stole ChristmasTake a look at Two Terry Gilliam Christmas Cards – From 2011 And 1968MTV lists the top five movies of 2011.Check out some new behind the scenes photos from Frankenweenie.Movieline lists the 9 milestones in the evolution of Kate Winstead.