Iconic Paramount Logo Gets Centennial Anniversary Revamp

Other than the Hollywood sign, the Paramount logo is arguably the most iconic image in the film business. Though the company was founded in 1912, a snow covered peak from the Wasatch mountain range (seen above) has been its logo since 1916, appearing in front of some of the best movies of all time such as The Godfather and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Starting this weekend with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Dark Knight Rises won't be the only thing in front of the movie. A brand new 100 anniversary logo will be there too. Check it out after the jump.

Here's the 100 year Paramount logo which will run through 2012. In 2013, this new logo – designed by Devastudios Inc. – will part ways with the 100 and become the new symbol of Paramount.

Much more majestic, don't you agree? Will this remain one of the most iconic symbols in movies?