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Ranker lists 7 Disney Princesses That Make the Worst Role Models

Watch a teaser trailer for a Back to the Future fan film The Paradox.

AM lists 10 Best Classic Hollywood Tough GuysMashable charts 20 TV Shows With the Most Social Media Buzz This Week

EW lists 24 Stars' Worst Movies

Check out the first photos of Andy Samberg & Rashida Jones in Celeste & Jesse Forever

Hulu lists Six Weird Teen Cameos You Won't BelieveFinding Nemo Icons have been installed at Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World.

IFC Films has acquired US rights to Bruce Beresford's dramatic comedy Peace, Love & Misunderstand starring Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener.

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Young Harry Potter Cosplay

Washington D.C. Film Critics Name The Artist Best Film of 2011

CNNMoney features a Hobbit themed house.

Tom Hooper's Les Miserables Will Be Shot In 2D

Check out the first photo of Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher & Lizzy Caplan In Bachelorette lists The 8 Worst Movie Characters to Have Babysit Your Kids

Check out the first photo of Brit Marling & Richard Gere In The Financial World Drama Arbitrage

The Panavision PSR 35mm camera that was used for Star Wars sold at auction over the weekend for $625,000, a record price for a movie camera.

Video: Star Wars Explained By Someone That's Too Cool For Star Wars wonders if a Movie Be Great Without Being Something You'd Neccessarily Recommend?Blastr lists 30 deliciously useful cooking gifts that'll satisfy sci-fi foodiesTrent Reznor has released the Full The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack ListOtis Frampton imagines what a Battlestar Galactica animated series might look likeMTV lists 2011's Top 5 Alien Invasion MoviesForkParty has a photo gallery of Fake Real Stuff (from a Hollywood Prop warehouse)Moviefone wonders if Movie Titles are Too LiteralThe Oatmeal on why 3D movies need to die.BuzzFeed lists 8 Terrible Movies Netflix Suggests For The HolidayPredator and Return of the Jedi mash-upRejects lists 10 Must-See Movies of December 2011

Check out some character design artwork from Disney's Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice

Listverse lists the Top 10 Films So Bad They Are HilariousCheck out the US one-sheet for Kill List.

Paramount Pictures has launched the "Flock to Unlock" campaign for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in which fans can unlock footage using Twitter and Facebook.

BloodyDisgusting has over 30 Hi-Res Images from Hostel: Part IIIElisabeth Rappe wonders if Hating on Twilight Become Just As Bad As Loving on Twilight?Check out the final poster for Goon.NYMag lists TV's Ten Most Annoying Characters

"Boba Fett – The Original Rocketeer" t-shirt.

The Atlantic lists 10 Films That Avoided the NC-17 Rating — And Suffered for It

Glennz Tees' Christmas Lightsabers t-shirt.

Steven Spielberg Says 'Lincoln' Was Set For December 2012 To Avoid Being Grist For the 2012 Political Election

Check out some never before seen storyboards from Empire Strikes Back.

IO9 lists 10 Pieces of Advice from Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Can Transform Your LifeImage: The hidden faces behind 21 classic sci-fi characters

Chewbacca will Guest Star on Glee's Xmas Episode