Early Buzz: 'Transformers: The Ride,' Plus A New Autobot

It won't be in the U.S. for several months yet but the ride is finally ready. Transformers The Ride will open at Universal Studios Singapore on December 3 and the 3D simulator has already been going through staff previews. One of those lucky enough to check out the ride provided a detailed description of the experience. Plus information on Evac, a old Autobot who wasn't featured in the live-action movies but was exclusively rendered for this theme park attraction, has been revealed. All the Transformers goodness is after the break.

Before we go ahead and spoil the whole ride for you, here's the introduction of Evac, the Autobot who is actually the car you ride in for the ride.

And here is his bio from the Transformers Ride Blog.

Next from Transformers World, one of their contributors rode the ride and gave a pretty detailed breakdown of what actually occurs on the ride. Odds are this will be exactly the same as what happens on Transformers the Ride when it opens at Universal Studios Hollywood in Spring 2012, so, if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read. Here's the description in RED:

From here you go to the Ride proper. Your 'car' is exactly that. A car, or to be more specific: Evac. Each Evac can take 12 people, seated in three rows of 4 people. Your restraint is a lock-bar over your lap.Evac has one side door that opens and closes, and once closed, you're boxed in with the exception of the roof – there is none. Then you put on your 3D glasses and off you go around the first bend. Yes, the car does move – and quite fast too I might add...To break it down, yes, you're in a simulator... but Evac itself DOES move: up, down, sideways, in reverse, you name it. And the graphics are that incredible that you forget you're in a simulator. There are also 4D enhancements to make it just that little more believable...I'm going to try and recap the sequence as best I can, because I only rode it twice, and everything goes by really fast, and your adrenaline is pumping like slag. So I may make a few errors, please forgive me.Anyways, as you round the bend, you're first greeted with Ravage who essentially leaps on the hood and tries to take your face off even as Evac drives like a mad thing trying to shake him off. You're rescued by Bumblebee and gain possession of the Allspark shard. Bee is then attacked by Barricade while Evac (and you) get the hell out of there, crashing through walls and plowing through traffic and debris like nobody's business.You're attacked by Megatron, rather viciously, only to be saved by Optimus who tells you to get the hell out of there. But Megatron is quickly back on your tail and you'd better hold on tight here while Evac executes some INSANE moves to save you.There is a point where Megatron fires at you. You see the shell coming as Evac reverses and swerves just as it explodes – and yes, you do feel the heat of that explosion – literally. Blackout/Grindor comes at you next and you narrowly escape his blades as you duck into a tunnel... only to literally feel a strange wind blowing as you find yourself on top of a building and come face to face with none other than Devastator.I am a little fuzzy as to what happens next, I think it was another Op vs Megatron scene, before you come in contact with Devastator again and get sucked in. Yes.... sucked in. It is intense going through his... maw? But you make it through somehow, only to get snagged by non other than... Starscream.He snags you with a grappling hook and swings you through the air. Yes you do crash into quite a few buildings. If I'm not wrong, Sideswipe saves you and you go crashing to the ground before you're speeding through the streets with him cutting up Decepticons along the way...That is until you encounter Bonecrusher – those claws are scary when they start slicing inches from your face >_<Then we're back with Megatron and Prime and the final showdown where Evac decides it's time to finish things and helps Prime take down Megatron once and for all...Only, it goes down right at the very top of a skyscraper, and while you may have defeated Megatron, he pulls you and Evac over the edge with him. You're plummeting nose-first to the street below when out of nowhere, there's Bumblebee leaping up to catch you and set you down safely.On your way to safety, Optimus congratulates you on a mission well done and Evac lets you know you can ride with him any time again.And that's it. I know it might not seem like much, but blame that on me still being really excited, lack of sleep, and the fact that it's after midnight. I think I might be able to remember more if you ask me questions, so if anyone DOES have any questions about the ride they might be curious about, do feel free to ask.As for continuity... umm.... I'd say loosely it happens somewhere in between ROTF and DOTM – but yeah, loosely. I'd prefer to call it a stand alone.Oh, and the only humans you see are the people in the ride with you XD. This ride is all robots I personally loved it. I can't wait for it to open to the public so I can go take it again.

Finally, if you want to read more about the December opening and the ride in general, head here to read the full press release. Michael Bay himself will actually be in Singapore for the opening.

Are you looking forward to this? Do you think it can compare to Star Tours?