VIDEO: How Bruce Greenwood Became The 'Super 8' Monster

After playing a small but significant role in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, Bruce Greenwood again worked with the director on his follow up, Super 8. Instead of showcasing his famous mug, though, Greenwood channeled his inner Andy Serkis and performed partial motion capture for the film's monster. This, in itself, isn't news because Greenwood has been fairly open about it in recent months. What is news is that on the Super 8 Blu-ray, which hits stores November 22, there's an extra that shows Greenwood in action. But you don't have to wait, you can watch it right now.

Thanks to Trailer Addict for this entertaining extra. If you haven't seen Super 8, this is a huge, massive SPOILER.

It seems like there's more to this piece, but it's always nice to get a sneak peak. From that little snippet though, it's fair to assume Greenwood was only cast as the monster for this one sequence. I'll be interested to see what else is in this feature.

The Super 8 Blu-ray/DVD has a pretty cool package of extras including a documentary called Deconstructing the Train Crash, eight featurettes including the one above, 14 deleted scenes (some of which we've posted about before) and a commentary by Abrams himself.

Also, if you're still following @Super8Movie on Twitter, they're about to kick off another viral campaign which features Super 8 goodies in major cities across the country. Head to for more.

Now that we're a few months removed from Super 8, the hype and the reality, how is it sitting with you? I'm finding that I have an itch to revisit the film again even though it wasn't perfect. Am I alone?