Russell Brand To Produce And Star In 'The President Stole My Girlfriend'

Briefly: The general lack of an enthusiastic audience response to the remake of Arthur hasn't left Warner Bros. ready to cut ties with comedian Russell Brand. The stand-up comic turned actor is now set to produce and star in the comedy The President Stole My Girlfriend for WB.Matt Portenoy wrote the script, and the story probably doesn't need much explanation given the title. Just to make things clear Brand tells THR,

In this movie, the president steals the girlfriend of a sexy hippie — me, obviously. It was inspired by the night I naively invited [Warners president] Jeff Robinov for dinner.

Presumably we can expect to see an over-zealous secret service agent who tries to stop Brand from getting to his now ex-girlfriend, and maybe there will even be a little funny seduction from someone close to the President — maybe his daughter, or high-placed intern. Oh, the possibilities!

Brand has already shot a role in the jukebox musical Rock of Ages, and he'll play a part in Diablo Cody's directorial debut Lamb of God. That stands as his most promising role to come.