Peter Jackson's New 'The Hobbit' Video Blog Focuses On 3D

It's been a few months since we saw a video dispatch from the set of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. For the new video blog, it's all about the mechanics of making the movie. There's some relatively technical stuff in this particular video, as Jackson and his crew explain just how they go about shooting 3D at 48 frames per second with two Red EPIC cameras and a mirror system. Most of the tech details will be familiar to anyone who has really studied the tech, but there is great material here with respect to the effort that goes into making an effects-heavy movie look as real as possible.

And Jackson is, as always, good at explaining what he's doing, and it is illuminating to see just how the crew of The Hobbit has adapted tech to its own particular needs.

Plus, there is a lot of good new footage of certain cast members in action — you'll see the aftereffects of an encounter with Mirkwood spiders, and you'll see Martin Freeman in costume as Bilbo, as well as several of the company of dwarfs. Check it out below.

The best way to watch this is via Facebook, where you can see it in HD, but the player below will suffice if you need the embed right this second.