Infographic: Michael Bay's Bayhem

Michael Bay is well-known for his use of explosions, helicopters, and sheer budgetary mayhem. But what is the breakdown, by movie, of the use of some of those factors? And which of the films managed to turn Bay's excess into financial gain?

An infographic called The Formula for Complete and Utter Bayhem breaks it down. Check it out below.

The figures for budget and profit aren't quite right, because they don't take advertising and other factors into account, instead tallying just raw budget reports (which might also be incorrect) and box-office performance.

I do, however, like seeing that the use of explosions has steadily increased since Bay started the Transformers films. Since he says his next film is to be a much smaller thing, could it be his first to avoid some of these factors entirely?

[Frankenspace, via Reddit]