Animator Of Unofficial 'Tintin' Credits Invited To Premiere, Offered Job On Spielberg Film

James Curran (aka Slimjim Studios) made a great opening title sequence for Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin, and last week it earned the animator no small amount of new fans. One of those fans was evidently Steven Spielberg, who invited Curran to the premiere of Tintin this past weekend, and offered him a job.

We don't have a lot of details yet. The basic intel comes from Tintin co-writer Edgar Wright, who said via Twitter,

So @slimjimstudios does unofficial #Tintin titles, Spielberg sees 'em, give him invite to prem & job on next movie...

I've contacted Curran to see if he would like to follow up with any additional info, though I expect he can't say much at all about his possible new gig. One would assume that would be on Robopocalypse, the film Spielberg is doing after Lincoln, but it is possible that Curran could have been enlisted to work on that historical tale.

While we wait for more info, take another look, or a first look, at the animation that kicked things off:

[via CinemaBlend]