'Hugo' Trailer #2 Focuses On The Human Over Fantastic

Even before Hugo got solid buzz coming out of the New York Film Festival, Martin Scorsese's whimsical, 3D family film was poised to be a must-see. Now only a month away from release, anticipation is building and Paramount has released a second trailer that, yes, features plenty of fantastic elements but also reveals that Hugo isn't all about hovering robots and Sacha Baron Cohen chasing kids through a train station. There seems to be real, human emotions at stake and that's very good news. Check out the new trailer and poster after the jump.

Thanks to Apple for the new trailer. Head there to watch it in HD.

They've also got a brand new poster for the film. A very evocative, Back to the Future image. Check it out.

Angie saw the film in a "work in progress" screening and said despite some pacing issues, it's very much worth seeing. Here's an excerpt from her piece which specifically references the past trailer.

The trailers for Hugo had me assuming it would be a sci-fi or fantasy film. It's mostly not. What Hugo really takes joy in is the magic of cinema — its ability to transform and transport — and given Scorsese's long, accomplished history as a filmmaker, it's impossible not to see a personal element in it. Hugo isn't a perfect film, and those who prefer their narratives shorter or more straightforward may be irritated with its occasional meandering. But for cinephiles in particular, it's a delightful picture that's well worth seeing in theaters, in 3D.

I think this trailer definitely showed that much better, do you agree?

Hugo opens on November 23. What do you think of this new trailer?