Juan Carlos Fresnadillo No Longer Rebooting 'The Crow'

The reboot of The Crow that has been trying to get under way for over a year may have hit another roadblock. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later), the director who was signed to helm the film in April, has left the project.

Twitch reports that Fresnadillo has moved on, without offering any specific details. (Deadline confirmed.) Fresnadillo has a deal to direct the Highlander reboot for Summit, which likely played a part in this departure.

Fresnadillo moving on is one of many talent departures. Stephen Norrington was going to direct a script by Nick Cave (I still really want to read that script!) but Norrington skipped away from the reboot, and Cave's script was eventually dumped at the behest of an actor who wanted a different take. Bradley Cooper was going to play the lead role of Eric Draven, killed and brought back to Earth as a vengeful spirit, but he left to star in Paradise Lost.

So there will probably be a new director hire soon, though the film still needs a leading man. Alex Tse wrote a script that was in play for the Fresnadillo version, but we don't know if that will be kept, or if a new draft will be commissioned.