'Voltron: The End' A Live Action Voltron Short-Film

Voltron: The End is the realization of a childhood dream – a live action Voltron movie. It's also an evil, downbeat tease in the best possible way. Fans of the property – which centers on a massive robot composed of five individual mechanical lions – have been given the run around for years. Scripts have been leaked, concept art revealed and bidding wars reportedly waged but even with the success of robot fighting movies like Transformers and Real Steel, we're still not close to a live-action Voltron movie. It seems like a no-brainer.

Maybe this will be the push Hollywood needs. Voltron: The End was directed by Alex Albrecht, best known for his work with Diggnation and the popular Totally Rad Show video podcast. He now joins his co-host of that show – Dan Trachtenberg – in making an awesome short film from a geek property begging for a blockbuster adaptation.

Watching Voltron: The End leaves so many unanswered questions, maybe the people who hold the movie rights will make the film just to get them answered.  Check it out after the jump.

Here's Voltron: The End.

The bare bones description of the film is as follows:

When a man regains consciousness in a Voltron battle lion after an "accident" he has to decide does he live a few more minutes or try to tell the world what happened... the end is only the beginning.

Besides all the story lines and questions this film creates, as a fan of Voltron, I love that Albrecht decided to go with the classic Voltron design for the big reveal instead of the busy, Michael Bay-style design that was floating around last year as a possible concept for a film. Plus there's no irony here. No winks to geek culture. It's just presented like a real world men pilot a massive fighting robot that defends the galaxy. And that robot has been defeated.

I want to see this movie and, if we don't, I'm glad Albrecht at least made this. Voltron fans now have something to latch onto and get behind.