First Poster For 'The Phantom Menace' In 3D Ignores The Film's Two Worst Aspects

Oh, look, there's a poster for the post-converted 3D re-release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This poster is missing three key elements. Two are among the worst aspects of the film, Jar-Jar Binks and Jake Lloyd as young Anakin Skywalker. Also absent is the best thing about the movie: Liam Neeson.

See the full image below.

So is this calculated to appeal to the kids who love The Clone Wars TV show? I would assume so, but I know a lot of those kids think that Jar-Jar is hilarious. Maybe they just don't identify with little Jake. Perhaps Lucas is making his most extensive adjustment to the film yet, and is digitally inserting Real Steel's Dakota Goyo in the role of Anakin, and plans to debut that change later. (No, probably not.)

The 3D version of The Phantom Menace will be glimpsed soon in a trailer that will run with The Three Musketeers, and then the actual film will hit theaters on February 10, 2012.

[Bleeding Cool]