Star Wars: 'The Phantom Menace 3D' Trailer Attached To 'Three Musketeers;' Darth Maul Back From The Dead In 'The Clone Wars'

Raise your hand if you went to see Meet Joe Black in 1998 just to catch the first teaser trailer for The Phantom Menace. (And, unwittingly, to see Brad Pitt bounced around by cars.) Now raise your hand if you would pay to see an unrelated movie just to catch the first glimpse of Star Wars post-converted to 3D. I think the numbers will be a lot different this time.

But the October 21 release of Paul W.S. Anderson's 3D The Three Musketeers will be the first chance for most people to see the new 3D-converted Phantom Menace trailer. Get your tickets now! And speaking of The Phantom Menace, turns out the death of Darth Maul in that film wasn't actually the character's end, as he's due to be resurrected this fall in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Details on that are below.

EW teases the return of Darth Maul with a non-embeddable video clip that shows only flashes of the character's face. (That's a screencap, above.)

The idea to bring back Maul came, unsurprisingly, from George Lucas. Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni addresses some obvious issues, or suggests what the show will begin to address when the character returns in Spring 2012:

First of all, how does he survive getting cut in half? Plus, he fell! And also, don't forget Obi-Wan Kenobi is still around, so I'm sure Maul wouldn't be very happy with him.... [Maul has] suffered through a lot to keep himself alive and implemented the training of his master to do so.

So it's a comics-style revival, but one with a good old-fashioned Dark Side explanation. At this point, how can anyone get upset about the fate of any character introduced in the prequels? Let the kids enjoy the resurrection of Darth Maul.

And then, reporting on the resurrection of Maul, USA Today mentions the Phantom Menace trailer premiere that is scheduled for the opening of The Three Musketeers.