VOTD: 'The Thing: The Musical,' From 'Conan The Barbarian: The Musical' Creators

Jon and Al Kaplan have done it again! Yesterday I saw a couple references to Frank Sinatra singing a musical version of John Carpenter's The Thing, and for some reason the idea that it might be the work of the Kaplans didn't even occur to me. But it is their latest musical offering, a single song that recaps more or less the entire movie. And it is great. The Thing: The Musical features a spot-on Sinatra impersonation, singing the part of the shape-shifting alien.

A full third of the Rat Pack-style lines in this, er, thing, are fully quotable ("You can pick up an axe and go crazy, but I can grow legs from my head!") and the balance of the lyrics are perfect set-up. And while these guys don't throw out a lot of f-bombs in their work, they've chosen one here that just can't be avoided. Serious fans of Carpenter's movie should be able to predict what it is before even watching.