VOTD: 'Star Wars Dark Resurrection Vol. 0,' A 40-Minute 'Star Wars' Fan Film

Quality fan films are a needle in a haystack. A haystack made up of bad fan films. It doesn't take much time or effort to make a bad fan film because anyone with an iPhone can shoot what they think is a Star Wars or Firefly movie. A good one, though, is rare because it's akin to a real production. It takes dedication, money, talent and even more money. The makers of Star Wars: Dark Resurrection Vol. 0 have all of that. A prequel to a previously released fan film, the 2007 Dark Resurrection Vol. 1, this is a fan film worthy of dropping the word "fan." Check out the epic 40-minute labor of love after the break.

Thanks to Topless Robot for the heads up on this film. The film was made in Italy so you'll have to watch it in subtitles, which you toggle on the status bar.

Here's the description of the film from its official site:

Master Sorran, is obsessed by his search for an ancient civilization which, according to legend, holds the secret of immortality. After many years he lights upon the wreck of the civilization's most powerful starship: the Resurrection.

Sorran ignores the dangers and orders his crew to dock. The explorers and Sorran himself will face the mysteries of the Resurrection and the secret of the origins of the dark side.

Volume 0, Volume 0, in the original script written by Angelo Licata and Fabrizio Rizzolo, was only the prologue of Volume 2. After months of post-production, we realized that the material deserved to be properly developed as it tells interesting stories about the past of evil Lord Sorran and the mythology of Eron; fulcrum of the entire story.

Not only is this a pretty cool Star Wars movie, there are obvious influences from many other sci-fi stories. A very impressive piece of work, don't you agree?