Watch 'The 3 Rs,' Aka David Lynch's Kooky Trailer For The 2011 Vienna Film Festival

Last week a new piece of film arrived from David Lynch. Like much of his recent film work, it is a commercial, but in this case it's a commercial for something closely related to movies. The 70-second film, The 3 Rs, is a trailer for the 2011 Vienna International Film Festival.

This is a weird, possibly amusing little stopgap piece that channels the spirit of Lynch's paintings and absurdist humor. Since it seems unlikely that we'll get any new narrative features from Lynch in the near future, those of us who enjoy his output will have to make do with this.

The ad comes via Mubi.

Not quite a patch on Lynch's best one-minute, film, Premonition Following An Evil Deed from the Lumiere and Company omnibus in 1995. But it'll do, I guess. Here's the Lumiere film. The cool thing about this is that it was produced with a replica of the camera used by the Lumiere brothers, and any edits had to be made in camera. This short is one continuous take. Due to a brief shot of nudity, it is technically NSFW, but it's brief and somewhat obscure, so you might be able to get away with it.