Watch 'Insane Office Escape,' A Great Short POV Action Film

Recently we've heard about a couple of in-development films that may have POV action sequences, or that might even be shot entirely in POV. We've seen some POV action in features before, but not a great deal of it. I've been dubious about the idea of an all-POV action film, to be honest. Now I'm one step closer to being convinced thanks to the video for the song 'The Stampede,' by a band called Biting Elbows.

The video is on YouTube under the title Insane Office Escape, and when you watch it you'll understand why. This is basically a three-minute short action film, directed by Ilya Naishuller, in which a guy steals an object and tries to escape from an office as suited security worker bees give chase. And it's great stuff. (Be aware that there is an optically-censored bit that, without the blurring, would make this NSFW. It's probably fine, but just a heads-up)

There is some excellent choreography here, some smart cutting and use of ultra-wide angle lenses to minimize queasiness, and I love the use of the mirrored windows on the roof to show pursuers. I still don't know if this could be sustained for a much longer sequence, but in this context it's very solid. [via CHUD]