'Justice' Trailer: Nicolas Cage Thriller 'The Hungry Rabbit Jumps' Has A New Title

It's been over a year since we saw anything from the Roger Donaldson thriller The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, which shot in late 2009 with Nicolas Cage, January Jones and Guy Pearce. Turns out, the film now has a different title — the much less quirky Justice — and after a long delay is finally going to see release. There's a UK trailer for the film, and after watching it you can probably start to understand why the film has been delayed for so long.

Hit the jump for that footage, showing how Cage is drawn into an ugly situation when he accepts Guy Pearce's offer of third-party vengeance after his wife (Jones) is attacked. There are also a bunch of images from the film. One image has Nic Cage in a glittery Mardi Gras mask, and if I don't start to see that as some of your Twitter icons soon I'll be disappointed.

So, yeah. This is making Cage's other new thriller, Trespass, look pretty good. Roger Donaldson has been a reliable director in the past, but from this footage it seems like something just got away from him. Still, might be a fun potboiler for the Cult of Cage. (Of which I'm a member; I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd watch this one first chance I get.)

Justice opens in the UK on November 16.

[The Sun, via The Playlist]