'Top Gun' Being Converted To 3D

Briefly: Paramount is in the first stages of converting Tony Scott's iconic 1986 film Top Gun to 3D. Four minutes have been converted so far — mostly featuring one of the film's big aerial combat sequences — and screened today at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. The company behind the conversion, Legend3D, is pushing its tech in the hopes that more catalog titles will be converted.

Legend3D CEO Rob Hummel said, "As I understand it, they are planning to release [Top Gun] in 3D in early 2012, though I known they want to get Tony Scott's approval before they go forward." Paramount has been slowly playing with ways of milking continued interest in Top Gun, whether that interest is genuine or ironic. The studio held anniversary screenings of the film earlier this year,  and there is still the possibility of a sequel that could also be made with the input, possibly even the direction, of Tony Scott. [THR]