'The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence' Australian Teaser Trailer [Updated]

Update: The first official still from the film, along with a new detail or two, has been added after the break.

Last week when we reported the October release date for The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence, I bemoaned the lack of an IFC-cut trailer for the film. Now a teaser has shown up, but it is for the Australian release of the movie.

It's difficult to tell whether this teaser actually features any footage from the film, though it certainly seems to use audio from Full Sequence. (I suspect this is video shot just for the ad campaign.) The teaser also trumpets many quotes from the UK Film Board's ruling to refuse classification for the film, effectively banning the movie in the UK. Finally, this claims that the film will be cut for the US release, though whether that is actually the case is unverified at this point. Hit the jump for the intense teaser.

What earns an arched eyebrow here is that this teaser comes out of Australia which, for those who haven't followed the past decade of media bans, stands as possibly the most censorious English-speaking country in the world. So an Australian teaser trumpeting the fact that the film will be released uncut, when that won't be the case in the UK and US, is certainly something that would please genre audiences down under.

(And 'Spring 2011' in Australia is equivalent to Fall in the northern hemisphere, so don't be confused and think this is an old teaser.)


Here's the first image from the film, via EW. This is Laurence R. Harvey as Martin, the villain of the film. EW also points out that the film is in black and white, which I believe is a new detail. We'll see an actual clip from the film tomorrow, via IFC.