'The Heineken Kidnapping' Trailer: Rutger Hauer, Beer And Fear

If Hobo With a Shotgun made you aware that Rutger Hauer is still an actor with a lot of life left in him, The Heineken Kidnapping might be a film you want to watch out for in the days to come. The Dutch film tells the story of Alfred Heineken, the man who made Heineken beer a household name (with a little help from David Lynch) and who was kidnapped for three weeks in 1983. Maarten Treurniet has crafted this thriller that chronicles those weeks, and the trailer (not in English, sadly) will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect, should the film ever make it to the States.

This is a stylish-looking movie and, as Twitch put it when posting the trailer, a bit slick. But I'm curious, mostly because I love the intensity Hauer is bringing to some of his roles lately. This is also a story I knew nothing about, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the film presents it, now that I've started to dig into the real facts a little bit. The film opens in October in the Netherlands, so we might have a while to wait.

For those too young to have been around for the early days of MTV, that song at the opening is a slightly sped-up 'Twilight Zone,' one of two hits (in the US, anyway) by Dutch band Golden Earring, which is perhaps more famous for 'Radar Love.' Here's the '80s video for the tune, which is a nonsensical but kind of wonderful piece of fake noir. This one's not safe for work because of nudity (this isn't quite the edit played on MTV back in the day) and for that weird a**hole signoff at the end.

(And, yeah, half the reason I'm posting this is I spent a day last week listening to this song on repeat for no discernable reason, so having it show up in a trailer now just seems too perfect.)