Superhero Bits: The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America 2, The Wolverine, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers

Who is the latest cast member revealed in The Amazing Spider-Man? Where and when will The Wolverine begin shooting? What two characters do the Captain America 2 screenwriters want to be in the movie? Want to see some spoiler images of vehicles in The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers? Read about all of this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

In an interview with Daemons TV (via Comic Book Movie) Disney actress Kelsey Chow revealed that she's playing the small role of Sally Avril in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man. In the comics, that character becomes a superhero named Bluebird. Odds are that's not part of the new film arc, just an inside nod to fans. Read her interview at the above links.

The Vancouver Sun reports that James Mangold will begin production on The Wolverine in November in Vancouver and be up there through March.

/Film reader Sherwin V alerted us to his cool Shining/Batman T-shirt mashup he designed that's up for voting on Qwertee. If you'd like to buy it, sign up and vote. Nice job, sir.

Yesterday, we ran some photo and video of a huge explosion on the set of The Avengers. Today, here's another one thanks to (via CBM). Nothing revealing here, but a very cool practical effect.

In an interview with NBC Miami (via CBM), Captain America: The First Avenger screenwriters Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely mention two characters they'd love to see in the sequel. There are a few other minor things there too:

I want both [Sharon Carter & The Falcon]! Sharon is meaty, almost to a point where you get a little uncomfortable because her relation to Peggy has shifted over the years, as time has passed. She's the sister, she's the cousin, she's the niece. You have to walk a fine line there because it does seem like you're dating your girlfriend's daughter. Falcon is awesome. We can't play with time so much to have Cap go back to Harlem in the '70's and clean up the streets, but it would be awesome to go straight up, like, 'Shaft' with Cap and the Falcon.

[No photo]

The crew of The Dark Knight Rises are building...something in Torrence, CA. Here's a non-spoiler photo above. Head to Batman On Film for more.

[No photo]

Comic Book Movie has also posted this photo from the set of The Dark Knight Rises. What does this hole have to do with anything? We might know a little later in the column.

On Comic Book Movie, /Film read Zack Parks posted what he believes is the reason why the Paramount logo is on The Avengers teaser poster and not the Disney logo, who will ultimately be distributing the film. You can read the full quote from Jim Hill of the Magical Definition Podcast at the above link but, basically, he thinks it's just language in the contact.


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According to this video from Pittsburgh Movies, looks like the Tumbler in The Dark Knight Rises has some new weapons this time around.

[No photo]

Remember that photo of the big hole above? It most likely has to do with this. A Superhero Hype reader (via Coming Soon) snapped this photo of the Tumbler falling into the ground in The Dark Knight Rises.

Comic Book Resources (via CBM) got a spy report in from an extra in Man of Steel about the results of a tornado scene in the film. It reveals a major death. Jump past the quote if even that's too big a spoiler, but it's a character – if you know Superman – that you won't be surprised by.

I talked to a friend of mine who was a 'featured extra' (which is apparently different than a regular extra) in the 'Man of Steel' filming down in bufu Illinois. He told me the scene he filmed, over a two day period, involves citizens running away from a tornado. Jonathan Kent is apparently swept up in the tornado and Superman has to fly up and save him.

[No photo]

Yesterday we saw Captain America with an alien gun and now, a Comic Book Movie reader sent in several photos including the one above of a mysterious alien craft on the set of The Avengers. There are more looks on the other site. Is this from the Skrulls?