Videos: Batman's New Ride In Action On 'The Dark Knight Rises' Set [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Several much better videos have come online. They're after the jump.

In Batman Begins it was the Tumbler. In The Dark Knight it was the Batpod. And in The Dark Knight Rises, it's....this. We don't yet have an official name for what we're assuming is Batman's new vehicle in The Dark Knight Rises but after yesterday's first reveal, we've already seen much closer images and now there's a video too.

Can you say Batwing plus Flight of the Navigator? Check out the video after the jump but, be careful, it should definitely be considered a spoiler.

Thanks to /Film reader David B for sending us the link to this video.

If we're putting together the pieces of what's going on in The Dark Knight Rises, we should also look at the set photos like the one below, which shows Catwoman on the Batpod on the exact same bridge going the Wabash Tunnel. Is he following her? Is she following him?

[No photo]

Also, one would have to assume the rig underneath the Batwing will be digitally removed in post-production, a sterling example of why all these set videos and photos are lame. The vehicle looks bulky and slow in the video but, with a little editing and post-production magic, it can surely can be made to look much faster. Without that reference point, though, plus with the vehicle under it, it's almost unfair to judge this new vehicle in anyway. We'll probably get our first official look in a new trailer, whenever that happens – most likely around Christmas.

But, judgements aside, how do you think it fits into the story? Do you have faith in how it's going to work out?

UPDATED: ComingSoon has posted a bunch of other views of the new vehicle. Here are the better ones. In the first one, wait until it goes around the corner and you can see Batman inside.

And here you get a great look of what the ship looks like from the front and its undercarriage.