Batman's New Vehicle Revealed In 'Dark Knight Rises' Set Photo

Ross Petrocelli just posted a photo on Twitter of a new vehicle being towed into the Wabash Tunnel in Pittsburgh, where filming is underway for The Dark Knight Rises. The vehicle appears to be a completely new addition to Batman's batcave, and you'll see what I mean when you see the photo. I understand that some of you want to avoid any and all plot points, so I'm keeping the image and discussion after the jump. That said, I'm sure this new vehicle will be featured in the movie trailers, and toys of it will be sitting on the store shelves at Target and Toys R Us months leading up until release, so it will probably be hard to avoid or miss.

[No photo]

As you can see from the above photo, it appears to be some sort of flying vehicle which resembles the tumbler. Maybe its a hovercraft, maybe its Christopher Nolan's version of the Batwing? I would also venture to guess that the new vehicle might be another transformation of the Tumbler, kind of like the Batpod was in The Dark Knight. What do you think?