New 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Info Found In Casting Call

G.I. Joe: Retaliation, directed by Jon Chu, is seemingly getting bigger by the day, and I don't just mean The Rock's muscles. New actors – such as Joseph Mazzello and Bruce Willis – have been joining the cast and the film got a shiny new summer release date. Now, the latest comes from io9 who found some casting calls from the film which reveal a bunch of characters names and specific details on what each is best at, known for and even a few scenes. If these things end up in the film, they would most definitely be considered spoilers. Proceed with caution.Thanks to io9 for this info. Again, these should be considered spoilers if they're true.

The article has write ups on the young Storm Shadow, some world leaders and Mouse, the character Mazzello is playing, so head there to read those. But here are the write ups on some new Joe's as well as a new baddie:

Several new Joes, including Walker, Brock and Robyn. Walker is the wise-cracker of the bunch, who's always making jokes about other guys' moms. Robyn is a gun-loving weapons expert, who talks lovingly about her latest ultra-high-tech rifle. (Which prompts Walker to say that he loves "girls with guns.") Brock is from the 'hood and he listens to a lot of Cypress Hill on his boombox while looking at pictures of his eight-year-old twin girls. (When he takes the picture out of a Ziploc bag, Walker hopes he's bringing out some of his famous pistachio cheese balls.) At one point, when Robyn, Brock and another Joe named Sam are on the run, they take refuge in Brock's old neighborhood, where one of the homies, a tattooed stone-cold badass named Stacks, promises to help him any way he can. Stacks and Brock are like brothers from another mother, and Stacks tells Brock they can hide out in the old rec center. He can even hook Brock up with a new set of wheels, which are pimped out but "on the low." (The joke is that the wheels are clearly not on the low, because they're too fancy and loud.)

And a new bad guy:

Lecter, a new villain who joins forces with Zartan in infiltrating the White House. (And it turns out the President's approval ratings have skyrocketed since he turned evil.) Lecter has been busted out of prison, so he can develop every high-tech weapon the baddies can possibly imagine... and some they can't. Lecter and his friends Smith and Jones are holding a U.S. Senator prisoner and interrogating him. "It's called a water board... but I never get bored," gloats Jones.

None of those characters – Walker, Brock, Robyn or Lecter – are original Joe characters (are they?) which is a bit weird considering Roadblock and General Joe Colton are in the film along with Duke, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Could they just be minor characters? What do you think about them and the shape the film is taking?