'Elysium' Set Photos: What Tech Is Matt Damon Wearing?

[No photo]Neill Blomkamp got to shoot District 9 without much interference from paparazzi photographers, but that won't be the case as he moves forward with his second film, Elysium. The first set pics have surfaced from the film that stars Jodie Foster, Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley, Sonia Braga, Diego Luna, and William Fichtner.

The images we've got show Matt Damon, head shaved, seemingly fleeing and in pain, and wearing some sort of technology. What's the purpose of all that gear? Frankly, we have no idea. But check out a gallery of photos below and begin to speculate away.

[No photo]

All we know about Elysium so far is that it is set at least 100 years in the future, features Jodie Foster as the head of state of an alien planet and Matt Damon as an ex-con. Is that some sort of prison gear binding Damon in these images? A viral video clip launched during Comic Con suggests some of the backstory for the film, possibly supporting rumors that a colonization project is part of the plot.

Elysium opens March 1, 2013. Photos via PopSugar and Crazy Critics.