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Header photo: Charles Forsman created the cute JAWS/Peanuts mash-up, prints available.

ET researchers are blasting Cowboys & Aliens for getting aliens wrong.

Today's t-shirt of the day on TeeFury is Goonies/Sesame Street-inspired design "Slothbert Love Chunkie"

A leaked copy of Super 8 which has turned up on the internet appears to have originated with a DVD "screener" that was sent to The Howard Stern Show. Howard Stern often complains on the air that movie studios are afraid to send him movie screeners and has claimed on air that he shreds the screener dvds that he is sent after watching them. No word on if the copy, marked "H STERN", originated from one of the employees on the Stern show or if it got stolen somewhere during transit.

Plush Star Wars Wampa doll.

AV Club lists 16 comedically convenient magical movie items.Attack The Block director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega recorded a pre-movie "Don't Talk" PSA for the Alamo Drafthouse.

Meanwhile, Attack The Block won the Audience Award at the 2011 Fantasia Film Festival.

IMPA has the poster for One Way Trip 3D.Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy says Jane Lynch was cut from the theatrical release of Glee the 3D Concert Movie. Her performance will be on the DVD only despite appearing in the movie's trailer.

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Harry Pawter: the Harry Potter-dressed dog.Elizabeth Banks talks about playing Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games:

"We're almost done. We've got a little under a month left. It's very exciting. We're really making a provocative movie that's also highly entertaining. It's gonna be fun. It's really great to make something that you know people are excited about and also that you know is gonna deliver. I really think the fans are gonna love it."

Watch a video tour of a life-size replica of Carl Fredrickson's house from Pixar's Up.Pajiba takes a look at the Slow Rise and Precipitous Fall of Ryan Reynolds' Career.

Clara Wood recreated the city of Gondor from Lord of the Rings in cake form.

Once Upon A Time co-executive producer and creator Edward Kitsis says that "Damon [Lindelof] has been a godfather" for the series.

Andrew Ainsworth has created a 13-minute step by step video guide to the creation of the Stormtrooper.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes tops the box office with an estimated $54 million.Films on Fridges is a film festival that takes place in a temporary outdoor cinema created out of discarded refrigerators located in East London.Harry Potter beat Twilight at the Teen Choice Awards.

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Producer Jerry Bruckheimer promises news on The Lone Ranger soon.

Breaking Bad writer George Mastras sells two new tv projects.

Freddie Wong conducts "a stealth ankle shooting mission inside some air ducts, just like a real action movie star!"

And here is how the video was created:

John Stamos will have a cameo appearance on Two and a Half Men.Terra Nova producers explain how the series will avoid the "butterfly effect".

[No photo]

Coming Soon has posted photos of Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z.

Home entertainment spending has dropped 3.6 percent in the second quarter.

Listen to an acoustic cover of the Darkwing Duck theme song.Emile Hirsch says that The Darkest Hour is 28 Days Later but with aliens.

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Olsen Camera t-shirt, inspired the movie Super 8 and the camera shop the boys take their film to have developed.

Showtime President of Entertainment David Nevins gives an update on 100 Bullets: "I always get a lot of questions about 100 Bullets. We're in it right now and working on the script, and I think it's a very interesting idea for a television series. We're not ready to make a move just yet, but it's an important piece for us."

Scott Hopko reimagines the poster for JAWS.

Movieline takes a look at the 9 milestones in the evolution of James Franco.Cracked has created gallery of B-movie posters for classic films.EW lists 20 great cars from movies and tv.EWOK this way t-shirt.CableTVProvides lists 10 Action Stars that Actually Fought Competitively.Watch the full UK trailer for A Lonely Place To Die starring Melissa George.Hop director Tim Hill is in talks to direct Walter Farting Dog for Fox.

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Fro Design Co has created a poster for Charlie Chaplin's City Lights. Prints available.

Rejects takes a look at the identity philosophy of Source Code.Check out this new UK poster for The Adventures of Tintin.InContention thinks that Robots are Hollywood's newest obsession.

Watch this indepth video preview of Mattel's upcoming Ghostbusters ghost trap replica.

Movieline lists 8 Pro Tips for Setting the Indie World Aflame (With Just $17,000) from the Bellflower Crew.