VOTD: The 'Final Destination 5' And 'Saved By The Bell' Mash-Up You Didn't Know You Wanted

This is a pretty simple equation: led by Miles Fisher, the cast of Final Destination 5 has spent some perfectly good Warner Bros. money on a promo video for the splatter sequel, in which a school full of characters very much like those from Saved by the Bell are killed in horrifying ways. And it's all set to a peppy pop song called 'New Romance.' Want to see a famous actor partially decapitated by a record shot out of an exploding jukebox? Delights such as that are waiting below. 

Saved By the Bell was a little after my time, so I can't fake any enthusiasm or nostalgia for the whole cast of characters. But seeing them all done in via methods that are absurdly violent has its own charm, I suppose. For those like me who aren't Saved by the Bell literate, here's the character breakdown, via Movieline:

Miles Fisher as Zack Morris; Nick D'Agosto as A.C. Slater; Emma Bell as Jessie Spano; Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Kelly Kapowski; David Koechner as Principal Belding; Ellen Wroe as... Lisa Turtle? (Kristy Barnes?); P.J. Byrne as Screech