Alexandre Aja Could Remake Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary'

Earlier this year, word came down that Paramount was thinking of dipping back into the Stephen King oeuvre and remaking Pet Sematary, which was originally published in 1983 and made into a movie in 1989. Since then things have been quiet on the reanimated kids front, but now it seems that Alexandre Aja, a director who most recently had some fun with another animal-titled movie in Piranha 3D, could be taking the helm. Read more after the jump.Twitchfilm broke the news of the story and say the following:

His name turns up on a lot of wishlists for this sort of project but Pet Sematary has moved beyond that stage with Paramount now actively trying to sign him up.

Aja is no stranger to horror remakes. He's attached to a possible TV version of David Cronenberg's Scanners, Piranha 3D is sort of a remake/sequel, he did The Hills Have Eyes remake as well as Mirrors, which was largely influenced by a similar 2003 film. So yeah, he obviously has no qualms about reworking horror properties. Unfortunately not one of those projects have been particularly good – though I'll go to bat for Piranha 3D just because at least it had a sense of humor about what it was.

Pet Sematary, in its most basic form, is about a family who moves to the country and once they get there, their son is killed. The father hears about a piece of land where, if you bury someone, they come back to life so he buries his son there and ends up with a mini killer zombie on the loose.

This remake will reportedly be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Steven Schneider from a script by Matt Greenberg who wrote another King adaptation, 1408 as well as Reign Of Fire.

What do you think about teaming Aja with the King source material? Would you like to see a remake of this film?