'The Dark Knight Rises:' More On-Set Photos And Video Reveal A Big Battle Scene

It's in the title: this is spoiler territory. Not long ago we posted some on-set snaps and video from the Pittsburgh set of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Those showed the full outfit worn by Bane (Tom Hardy) and revealed the new Tumbler. Now we've got much higher-resolution images of another scene being shot. This one depicts a big fight scene involving Batman and Bane, and they are our best look at the film so far. If you'd rather wait for the trailer or film to see any of this material, move on to another article. Otherwise, hit the jump.

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And here are a set of videos that have cropped up in the past couple days from the Oakland, PA and Carnegie Mellon shoots. The big fight scene in a blizzard is the most notable — and probably the most spoilerish. Watch at your own risk. Note, too, that the original YouTube page for the explosion video describes it as taking place as Bane is "delivering his manifesto." Is that what Bane was doing in the pics we posted over the weekend?