But What Paz De La Huerta Really Wants To Do Is Direct

And she will! Or, more to the point, she already is directing. We just had quite the, uh, view of the actress thanks to the teaser image for Nurse 3D, in which she plays a nurse. In 3D. Who is naked. It wasn't the nudity in the image that was surprising — this is an actress from whom clothes flee like runners from the starting gun. No, it was the fact that she was essentially wearing a 'dress' of blood. That was new.

Anyway. The subject here is a film that Paz de la Huerta says she is directing: her own version of The Red Shoes, in which she also plays the lead. She told The Observer it is "about a woman who's unique, and lives in a small village, and is ostracized for being different, for being talented, and then she makes a horrible mistake and because the people in the village are so—you know—jealous of her, they don't forgive her... and we are all human, you know. And we all suffer."

So it's an autobiography? I'll just offer a plea: Paz, please never change.