Donald Glover Doesn't Think A 'Back To The Future' 'Community' Episode Will Happen

Besides the great actors and breakneck comedy pace, one of the things we all love about NBC's Community is its ability to work in an almost never ending barrage of pop culture references. They've had full episodes based on things like Dungeons & Dragons and other episodes that are basically a hodgepodge of a single genre, like the zombie episode. Then there are sight gags like Abed seeing from The Terminator or everyone dressing up like a Pulp Fiction character. The list goes on and on. But, in a recent interview with Community star Donald Glover, he says that one of the themes he doesn't think will happen is one of his (and our) favorite movies: Back to the Future. Read what he had to say after the jump.

Glover spoke to Cinemablend at Comic-Con and stated that he really wants to do a Back to the Future episode, has an idea for it, but it isn't well-formed. That resulted in the following exchange between co-star Gillian Jacobs and Glover.

Glover: It's really hard to do. Time travel is already hard.

Jacobs: We can't actually break the laws of physics.Glover: We've never had actual magic on the show. Time travel is tricky. It would have to be some sort of, like, mistake. But a mistake big enough that it can sustain a whole episode, but also small enough that it doesn't fuck up the rest of the world. So it's hard. I had an idea, but it's not well-formed.Community's writers are so talented and well-versed in the ways of pop culture I would never ever rule out a parody that someone really wants to do – especially if the show survives a few more seasons – but it doesn't sound promising. I think the best way to work in Back to the Future might be a series finale, this way the characters – who eventually have to leave community college right? – can go back in time and talk to their old selves in the pilot about what to expect over the course of the series. That could be cool. What do you think?