Comic-Con 2011: 'Final Destination 5' Footage Details

Final Destination isn't the kind of franchise that surprises — if you've seen any of the four previous installments, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Final Destination 5. We were treated to a 3-D clip from the upcoming film, showing that scene familiar from any Final Destination movie: the moment when one of the characters has a horrifying vision of death, prompting him to get off the airplane / highway / roller coaster / stands / bus just before it comes true. Read details of the footage after the jump.

Sam (Nicholas D'Agosto) is sitting on a bus when he cuts his finger on a piece of metal sticking out of the seat in front of him. Outside his window, the bus has stopped on a suspension bridge, thanks to construction ahead. The wind blows ominously, shaking the bus. Sam turns to his friend, asking "Peter, you feel that? Something's wrong."

It's at that moment that a wire snaps, setting off a gleefully unfettered chain of deaths. The bridge begins breaking in half, and everyone runs out of the bus. (I had trouble keeping track of all the death going on, but I'll list the highlights here.) One girl falls off the bridge, and is impaled on the pole of a sailboat passing by. Another guy comes out of the bathroom bus just as the vehicle flies into the water. I have to give Final Destination 5 credit for enjoying the hell out of its 3-D — there were plenty of times when things jumped out at the audience, most often blood.

Anyway, Sam and his friends Peter (Miles Fisher), Molly (Emma Bell), and Olivia (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), along with many other people, are fleeing in an attempt to get away from the bridge before it's completely destroyed. Unfortunately, Olivia loses her glasses.

As the characters are crossing the bridge, entire sections of the street are disintegrating, leaving the framework of beams for our characters to cross. Molly carefully walks the narrow beam to a safer part of the bridge, while Sam tries to help Olivia. Although Molly makes it across, Olivia isn't so lucky — she falls off the beam into the water, at which point a car also falls off the bridge and lands on top of her head.

David Koechner makes an appearance, and he's clinging on to a section of the bridge for dear life. Unfortunately for him, among the many things flying around are an open container of boiling hot tar, which spills all over him. R.I.P., Todd Packer.

Peter and Sam, meanwhile, are attempting to make it to Olivia. By this time, the beams holding the parts of the bridge together have snapped, and the two men are climbing across part of a metal railing. They're almost there when they're literally hit with bad luck. Peter dies when a rod flies through his face, and falls off the bridge to get splattered on some concrete below. Sam, watching in horror, gets sliced in half by some kind of sharp beam gets to him. Olivia, if you were wondering, is still fine.

We then return to the bus where everyone was sitting, and everything is revealed to have been a vision. Sam tells his friends that they have to get off the bus.

The clip was followed by a montage of many other upcoming perils: sharp things pointed at eyes and feet, acupuncture needles, fires, defenestration, and a severed hand flying around.

The scene was very gory and very silly, but of course, that's the appeal of the Final Destination movies — lots and lots of death, in some of the most ridiculous ways imaginable. The clip we saw, at least, was fun. The crowd I watched the clip with seemed to be having a good time, laughing every time something especially gruesome happened. By this point in the franchise, most folks know exactly what they're getting into with a Final Destination movie. If you liked the first four films, you'll probably enjoy Final Destination 5 as well; if you didn't, this probably won't change your mind.

Directed by Steven Quale, Final Destination 5 hits theaters August 12.