Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus At Comic-Con By Video Call

Lost alum Damon Lindelof hit the stage at Comic-Con today to chat about Prometheus, Ridley Scott's upcoming science fiction film (which is also co-written by Lindelof). Star Charlize Theron joined Lindelof on stage, and there was also a (not so) surprising appearance by Scott and co-star Noomi Rapace piped in from Iceland, where the film is being shot.

Theron said that her role was unusual for her. She's playing a "suit" named Vickers that's in charge of the central mission of the film. She that she plays "a machine in charge of the machine" — it's unclear if she's referring to the spaceship that the rest of the crew is on, or if she's actually referring to her character as being a machine as well.

When asked by Lindelof if there are robots in the film, Scott said, "there may be two." He went on to say that the idea of robots, cyborgs and replicants have become a major part of the sci-fi landscape — the challenge now is creating something that feels fresh. Scott said that he felt secure that they had something fresh with the film thanks to Lindelof's script.

Scott also mentioned that he felt there was an interesting question that Alien brought up that nobody seemed to ask in sequels (including Aliens). He said that exploring that concept was the centerpiece of Prometheus. (And no, he didn't give us any idea what that concept actually is.) Scott went on to say that we'll finally understand how the film relates to Alien in the last few minutes.

An audience member asked Scott if he feels restricted by the film's PG-13 rating, and he replied that he "fundamentally covered his ass" by having a PG-13 version of the film in mind. He said that he always preps an R and PG-13 version of his films — so there's a chance we'll get an R-rated Prometheus cut come DVD and Blu-ray.