'Paranormal Activity 3' Teaser Trailer

When the first Paranormal Activity was released in 2009, no one could have imagined what a second film, let alone a third film, would hold. It seemed like such a focused scary story. But embedded in Oren Peli's taught, terrifying film was the back story of a girl named Katie who had been terrorized for years by an unspeakable evil. That evil was given a bit more context in Paranormal Activity 2 which, cleverly, set itself up as both a prequel and sequel to the first film. Now, with Paranormal Activity 3, it seems like the story is going back to its origin: to when Katie and her sister Kristi were kids. And there are few things scarier than little kids being terrorized. Check out the first teaser trailer after the jump.

Thanks to Trailer Addict for the trailer.

What do you think? I like the way it blends in footage and ominous lines of dialogue from the first two movies to give you context for what's to come. Though, for 1988, those video images are pretty crystal clear.

Paranormal Activity 3 is directed by Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and is scheduled for release October 21, 2011.