'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes' Viral Videos

Don't sleep on Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Touted as "the summer's last blockbuster," the August 5th release has slowly crept up on us, bobbing and weaving between the big boys like Optimus Prime, Harry Potter and Captain America, with marketing that is a lot more subtle and frightening than what those other movies offer. Each trailer shows off more of WETA's impressive motion capture work and as well as the down to earth, relatable story that sees Will (James Franco) trying to cure his father (John Lithgow) and mistakenly creating a serum that makes apes intelligent and will eventually cause the end of the world.

As part of the Apes marketing, 20th Century Fox has released several short, viral clips, posing as actual footage, of apes doing incredible things. If the words "20th Century Fox" weren't splashed all over these clips, people might get legitimately scared.

These videos have been everywhere (hence the name "viral video") but the fine folks at Gamma Squad slapped them all together.

First up is the one almost 7,000,000 people have seen:

And while that video has permeated popular culture, these next three have yet to break through in such a way. Probably because they're less outwardly violent. There's Chimp Plays First Person Shooter, Chimp Beats Human: Intelligence Test and finally Gorilla Walks Upright.

Pretty cool videos made by the people at Fox. As I said above, I wish they didn't say "20th Century Fox" on them, but maybe people are gullible enough to believe these are actual research tapes. Plus, it's mighty ballsy to not put any movie promotion on the videos at all (other than director Rupert Wyatt's name on a few), just hoping people search that or click over to the Apes Will Rise Youtube, where the videos originated, and then maybe look at the trailer or TV spot.

Are you expecting much from this movie?