WTF: Kenny Powers Becomes CEO Of Shoemaker K-Swiss [Video]

In Eastbound and Down, Kenny Powers has stood atop the worlds of baseball and pure assholery. (If that wasn't a word, it is now.) His latest achievement is to land as king of the hill in the business of sports apparel. Kenny Powers is now the CEO of K-Swiss, and he's going to destroy the world of product marketing and branding, the better to rebuild it in his own image. His approach to business is explained in a video after the break. It is laden with guest appearances, including Michael Bay. And, as anyone familiar with Eastbound and Down would likely assume, this is some NSFW shit.

(And, while I don't think it has to be mentioned, this is obviously a combo joke and ad for both K-Swiss and the third season of Eastbound and Down, which is shooting now.)

[via Badass Digest]