Christopher Nolan Producing Supernatural Thriller For Writer/Director Keith Gordon

Briefly: A great many big-name directors, after establishing their career directing pictures, move into producing. Some do it earlier than others (Eli Roth, Timur Bekmambetov) while many don't start lending their names and clout to other projects for many years. Christopher Nolan wasn't known as a producer of any films other than ones he would direct until the new Superman film, Man of Steel, started to come together at Warner Bros. Now we've got basic info on his second producing project, a supernatural thriller that Keith Gordon will write and direct. (Perhaps best known for starring in Christine, and he has also directed films like A Midnight Clear and Waking the Dead, and episodes of Dexter and The Killing.)

Warner Bros. will release the film. We don't have a title or plot details, though Deadline says the script is based on an as-yet unidentified novel. The site IDs Jordan Goldberg as the primary producer — he's a former assistant and go-to guy for Nolan — and Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas will be exec producers. In other words, those two won't have to tear their eyes away from The Dark Knight Rises as this one comes together over the coming months. We'll offer plot information as it emerges.