Video: Director Jon Favreau Interviews Harrison Ford

I love unconventional interviews, recorded conversations between actors, actresses, directors and screenwriters about the filmmaking process. It might be that the relationships that have already been established on set translate to a more honest interesting and entertaining interview. That is one of the many reasons I LOVED Jon Favreau's old television talk show Dinner For Five. Favreau has attempted to capture the same experience with a series of cast interviews he conducted for The Huffington Post to promote Cowboys & Aliens. The first interview is with his film's co-star Harrison Ford. Ford is notoriously a dry/bad interview: I've heard many horror stories from my colleagues — he loves to work but seems to hate talking/promoting his films. But Favreau was able to get Ford's A-game and get him to open up about his work over the years. You can watch the video interview clips embedded after the jump.

The Hat (Indiana Jones)

Serendipity (Star Wars)

Human Scale (The choice of not shooting in 3D)

In the Story Boards (Ford working with and buying movie horses)

No Co-Pilot (Flying a Beaver)

30 Pages (First meeting, first impressions)

As Written (improvising the "I Love You" "I Know" line for Irvin Kershner in Empire Strikes Back)