Emma Thompson May Write Sony's 'Annie' Remake

One of Will Smith's kids has his own remake franchise brewing (Jaden, and The Karate Kid) so now the erstwhile Fresh Prince is working on balancing his family dynamics by crafting a similar film for daughter Willow. The property in question this time is Annie, in which Willow Smith will play the moppet adopted by Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks. In this version, there will probably be some dancing to pop tunes crafted by Jay-Z, who is also producing, and possibly at least a small touch of Nanny McPhee. Wait, what?

Emma Thompson, who scripted both Nanny McPhee films (as well as the '95 Sense and Sensibility) is being courted by Will Smith and Overbrook Productions to write the new Annie remake.Vulture says that Will Smith and Jay-Z are negotiating with Emma Thompson to adapt the Annie Broadway musical into a modern telling for Willow Smith. Did this grow out of time Will Smith spent on set with Emma Thompson during the seemingly endless shooting of Men in Black III? Possibly. Could she also end up playing the hard-drinking woman who runs the orphanage where Annie is originally confined? Quite possibly.

We'd heard that Glee creator Ryan Murphy might direct, but that was some months back, and things might have changed.

This is the rough synopsis of the original Broadway show:

An orphan, Annie, and her dog Sandy are placed in the lap of luxury for a week as a part of a publicity campaign for Oliver Warbucks. However, Annie's stay turns out to be much more than anyone had bargained for as she works her way into everyone's hearts and learns a few things for herself.