VOTD: 'Bloom,' From Audio/Video Remix Artist Pogo

Here's the latest video from film/audio remix artist Pogo. Bloom combines a good number of Disney video and audio sources (Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid and more) as well as some chords from A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Watch it after the break.

On the vid's YouTube page, Pogo explains:

This is the video for my track 'Bloom', a patchwork of vocals and musical chords from various Disney films. I recorded the harp sample from 'Sleeping Beauty', and a series of chords from 'A.I: Artificial Intelligence' to form the base of the chorus. The vocals are sampled from Disney films, each of which are illustrated in this video.

I used Adobe Audition to record my samples, FLStudio to arrange them, and Sony Vegas to create the video for the track.

Download an MP3 of 'Bloom' here.

Reivisit other Pogo work, like 'Upular,' 'Murmurs of Middle Earth,' and 'Skynet Symphonic.'

[via The High Definite]