The Poster For 'Straw Dogs' Is Also A Remake

Last night, director Rod Lurie debuted the poster for his remake of Straw Dogs via Twitter. Or he debuted a poster; this may not be the final promo image, but it is the latest representation of the movie to come from an official source. And it is striking as hell, because the poster recreates the poster to Sam Peckinpah's 1971 original in minute detail, with a little added photoshoppery. Check it out after the break.

I"ve tried to stay open-minded about this particular adaptation of the novel The Siege at Trencher's Farm, but this poster is a little off-putting. The original image was perfect, as the shattered lens on Dustin Hoffman's face, and the disconcerting expression on his face, captured the tone of the Peckinpah version perfectly.

I don't know why there would be any reason to layer in a reflection of Alexander Skarsgard's face to the new version, however, nor can I get behind the tagline. The tagline just positions the movie as exactly what I'm afraid it might be: a routine thriller. And covering James Marsden's eye with that silly 'reflection' adds nothing, and destroys the impact of the original image.

The remake poster is on the left, and the original is on the right. Click either one to enlarge.