See A Few Seconds Of That Canned 'Wonder Woman' Pilot

Rubbernecking 2.0: scouring the web for traces of failed projects. Case in point: the interest in even a bit of footage from David E. Kelley's rejected NBC pilot for Wonder Woman. Naturally, as soon as the network realized that no one might want to see the show, a great many people consequently want to see it. (There were people who wanted to see the show, period; but I think a good many more are interested simply on the basis of the pilot's rejection.)

So here is a promo for the show that provides our first and possibly last look at Adrianne Palicki in motion as Wonder Woman.

Not much to say here, really. Adrianne Palicki looks good in this tiny snippet of footage, but beyond that it is difficult to make any call. One review of the pilot praised her work, but that seems to be one of the only positive reviews of the episode in general. As we've said before, this will probably all end up bootlegged at some point, but until then, this is your Wonder Woman, 2011.