'Indiana Jones 5' "Not So Far Off," According To Shia LaBeouf

Rumors of an Indiana Jones 5 have been cropping up for quite some time now, since before Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull even opened. And yet, to the relief of fans who disliked Crystal Skull, plans for another Indy adventure still haven't quite gelled after three years.

Well, disappointed fans, enjoy your bliss while it lasts. If Shia LaBeouf is to be believed, our Indy-free days may be coming to an end soon. According to the Crystal Skull star, a fifth Indiana Jones isn't "so far off" — though LaBeouf's rationale for saying so might be. Read more after the jump.

I talked to Harrison. He said he's staying in the gym. He said that he's heard no word, but he does know that George [Lucas] is out there looking for a MacGuffin. But he said to me he's staying in the gym, so that means it's not so far off.

I'd say the "no word" part trumps the "staying in the gym" part — especially as LaBeouf then goes on to say, "[Lucas has] got to let it sit. He's going through his ruminations, which is extensive." Lucas and Steven Spielberg have been working on putting together a script for a couple of years now, and it sounds like they still haven't quite nailed down a story. In fact, the stuff about "extensive ruminations" makes it seem like they aren't even close.

It's also worth noting that this isn't the first time LaBeouf's announced that another Indy sequel was imminent. Back in 2009, the chatty star told press that Spielberg had "cracked" the story, and was "gearing that up." All in all, I'd say LaBeouf's comments to MTV are less an indication that cameras are about to roll, and more a case of an actor trying to maintain public interest in his gazillion-dollar franchise.

Discuss: Do you believe LaBeouf this time around? Are you excited for another Indy sequel? How many more years of viable action stardom can Ford possibly have left in him, anyway? I mean, no offense to Ford, who's still a talented actor with years of work left in him, if he wants it — but the guy's almost 70. Look how tired he looks in the header image.