'Win Win' Writer/Director Tom McCarthy Writing Supernatural Family Comedy For DreamWorks

Fans of animation director Brendon Small are familiar with his series Home Movies, but don't mistake this new film with the same title for one that has anything to do with the animated series. (Or with Brian DePalma's 1980 film, either.)

This new Home Movies is something different: a supernatural family comedy. And it is possibly something pretty cool, as the writer is Tom McCarthy, who has scored a lot of favor writing and directing The Station Agent, The Visitor and Win Win. (He also worked on the story for Pixar's Up.)

THR reports on the deal and says the film is about "a man who is able to revisit certain moments in his life through his home movies and change things." (Maybe he watches Adam Sandler's Click for inspiration.)

The idea came from within DreamWorks; Jared Stern was the first writer, and Shawn Levy, Bruce Nash and Robert Kosberg are producing. Shawn Levy isn't a surprise, given what he did with projects like Night at the Museum. Not my first choice, either, but hopefully Tom McCarthy will turn out a script that has the heart and genuine warmth we've seen in the films he ends up directing.

We don't have enough info to theorize on the film beyond that, but I'll be looking forward to seeing if anything good comes of the script.